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   Jonathan Van Tuyl Sr. was born April 30th, 1810 in Somerset County, New Jersey. He died June 20th, 1887. He married Jane Pennington on April 12th, 1833. Jane (Pennington) Van Tuyl was born July 29th, 1817. She died March 22nd, 1901. 

Jonathan and Jane had 11 children;

Ann Elizabeth    Oct. 25, 1835 - 1927                     Married Noah Gross on April 12, 1852

James                Feb. 16, 1838 - Sep. 7, 1916         Married Penina Jane McElroy on Feb. 16, 1868

William              Mar. 31, 1840 - Oct. 8, 1854           

Jonathan, Jr.     Oct. 3, 1841 - May 2, 1919           Married Jane Sims in 1868, and Celia E. Elliot in spring of 1873

Sarah Jane        Feb. 16, 1843 - Aug. 8, 1905         Married Mike Welley

Arthur                Jan. 3, 1847 - Jan. 8, 1935             Married Lucetta Stewart

Otto                   Jan. 3, 1847 - Apr. 9, 1923             Married Isabelle Tevebaugh on Dec. 23, 1869

Maria Louise    July 8, 1849 - Feb. 10, 1893           Married Henderson Arnold

Mary Adelia     Oct. 6, 1851 - Sep. 17, 1935           Married William Rhodes on Oct. 26, 1904

Emma                Jun. 2, 1855 - Dec. 6, 1858                

Julia Matilda    Apr. 5, 1858 - Aug. 29, 1858        

   Jonathan was a plasterer and brick and stone mason by trade. The Van Tuyls were active members of the Presbyterian Church all their lives. They moved to Illinois in a covered wagon. They first settled in Green County near Whitehall, but after only six months moved to Macoupen County, Illinois, settling at Raymond. All their Children were born in Illinois except for Ann Elizabeth, who was born in New Jersey.

    Jonathan Van Tuyl Sr. Homeplace, Raymond Illinois, between 1860-1870. Pictured left to right: Jonathan Van Tuyl Sr., Jane Pennington Van Tuyl, other have not been identified.

    The Van Tuyl Homeplace three miles east of Raymond is still standing, although no longer owned by the Van Tuyl family.  Pictured left to right, Aunt Adelia, Effie and Nora Arnold, and Grandma Jane Pennington.


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