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Coat of Arms

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Jan Otten van Tuyl 1635

Isaac Van Tuyl 1681





    A white shield with three long-necked beagles with their tongues hanging out. The first known user of was Heer Ghijsbrecht van Tuyl (1345), the earliest known ancestor of today's Van Tuyls.

    The Van Tuyl name comes from the city of Tuil in the Netherlands. Van is Dutch for "from" or from Tuil. Of course this means that not everyone with the name Van Tuil is related. The name has changed over the years and has a variety of spelling;

Van Tuil, Van Tuijl, Van Tyle, Van Tile, Vantuyl

Van Tuyl is the dominant spelling in use today.

Source: A Van Tuyl Chronicle 650 Years in the History of a Dutch - American Family

             by R.L. Van Tuyl & J.N.A. Groenendijk




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