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Jonathan Van Tuyl Jr 1841




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Jan Otten van Tuyl 1635

Isaac Van Tuyl 1681

Abraham Van Tuyl 1714

Otto Van Tuyl 1762

Jonathan Van Tuyl Sr 1810





     Jonathan Van Tuyl Jr. 1868 on his wedding day to his first wife, Jane Simms. Jonathan Jr was born Oct. 3, 1841. He died May 2, 1919 in Porter, Oklahoma. Family tradition says that he fought in the Confederate Army during the Civil War.

   He married Jane Simms in 1868 in Montgomery County, Illinois. Jane Died in 1869 after the birth of their only child, Will (born July 11, 1869 in Raymond Illinois; died Feb. 7,1951, in Newton, Kansas.)



    In the spring of 1873, Jonathan married Celia E. Elliot (born September 11, 1854; died June 28, 1929, in Porter, Oklahoma). Celia was the daughter of a minister.  

   They moved to Peabody, Kansas, sometime in 1884, with Otto and James Van Tuyl, then in 1904 moved to Shawnee, Oklahoma. They were members of the Porter Church of Christ, and Democrats.


They had the following children;

Nell Jane              Aug. 16, 1874 - May 1, 1960        Married Venda Butner

Emma Adelia        Mar. 2, 1876 - 1958                      Married Joe Thompson and Bill Hollis

John Henry           Mar. 2, 1878 - Jul. 2, 1910            Married Nell Butner

George Ira            May 27, 1880 - 1960

Harry Otto            Jan. 1884 - 1905                            Married Nancy Nation

Charles Marion    May 10, 1888 - Jul. 8, 1947           Married Florence Desdemona Cook

Mattie Cornelia    May 10, 1888 - 1905

Edna Annie            Sep. 24, 1889 - Aug. 26, 1904

Jessie Mabel         1895 - 1905

  Pictured left: Mattie Cornelia and Charles Marion. They were twins. Pictured center: John Henry, George Ira, and Harry Otto. 

  Pictured right: Edna Annie and Mattie Cornelia.

    Jonathan Van Tuyl Jr. homeplace, Porter, Oklahoma 1908.

Information: Charles D. Van Tuyl

Pictures: Charles D. Van Tuyl


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