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James Van Tuyl 1838




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Jan Otten van Tuyl 1635

Isaac Van Tuyl 1681

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Jonathan Van Tuyl Sr 1810





    James Van Tuyl the eldest son of Johnathan Van Tuyl and Jane (Pennington) VanTuyl was born 16 Feb 1838 and died 8 Sept 1916.

  When James was about 30 years old he married his “Lady Fair”. Penina Jane McElroy, daughter of Nimrod McElroy and his wife Elizabeth (Newby). Penina was age 18 when she and James married on 16 Feb 1868.


They had nine children;

Cora Jane                    Married Joel Corfman

James Freeman            Married Emma Pinkham-Alice Pudil

William Elbert               never married

Ora Leslie                     never married

Myra Elizabeth             Married Charles R. Doty

Magie Adelia                Married Robert Dunn

Guy Walter                  Married Daisey Page

Ralph Leon                  never married

Penina Elvira                Married Aaron Thomas


  The “History of Butler County” by Vol P. Mooney written in about the year of 1916 is a very interesting article written about James VanTuyl who was a prominent farmer and stockman of Clifford Twp. and a representative of Butler County Pioneer. There are articles written about James and Penina in the “History of Potwin (KA) Christian Church by Elsie Higdon Smith” written in 1969 - Library of congress catalog card no.78-99962.

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