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Daniel Van Tuyl    

     B.     Mar. 13, 1796 in Morris County, NJ

     D.     Jan. 20, 1880 at Edwardsburg, MI      Age 84

     Bur. Hanson Crawford Cemetery, Edwardsburg, MI. Lived in LeRoy Twp.Geauga Co. Ohio. On Tax Rolls in 1820

Hannah D. Guthrie Krumm

     B.     May 12, 1808 in NY State

     D.     Feb.20, 1852 at Edwardsburg, MI      Age 43

     Bur. Hanson Crawford Cemetery, Edwardsburg, MI

  Daniel & Hannah were married March 20, 1825 in Chardon, Ohio. He was 29 and she was17.

  Daniel was born in New Jersey and his father died when he was about 16 years old. His mother took the children and moved to Pennsylvania. Then about 1816 Daniel left Pennsylvania and moved to LeRoy Township, Geauga County, Ohio. Daniel and his wife Hannah left Ohio in 1835 and went to Jefferson Township, Cass County, Michigan.

Daniel & Hannah had 9 children.

Phylura  as spelled on her gravestone and obituary. Philura in several land deed documents in Cass county and her marriage record.

       B.  28 April 1827 Perry, Lake County, Ohio

       D. 12 March 1903

       M.  Michael Rutledge, April 26, 1852 - Cass County , MI

Cynthia Abigail

       B.     Dec.18, 1828 in Perry, Lake County, Ohio

       D.     Feb.4, 1889 Strawberry Point, Iowa      Age 60

       Bur. Noble Cemetery near Strawberry Point, Iowa

       M.     John Donahe July 1,1849 Cass County, MI      

Cutler Solomon

       B.     Apr.13, 1831 in Perry, Lake County, Ohio

       D.     Jan. 1, 1916 Edwardsburg, MI     Age 84

       Recorded Libber B page 172-389 Cass County MI

Joseph Milton

       B.     Oct.18, 1833 in Perry, Lake County, Ohio

       D.     June 20, 1905 Edwardsburg, MI     Age 71


       B.     Apr.28, 1836 Edwardsburg, MI

       D.     Nov.23, 1859 Cass County, MI   Age 23

       Bur. Hanson Crawford Cemetery

John M.

       B.     Oct.1, 1838 Edwardsburg, MI

       D.     May 25, 1899 Edwardsburg, MI      Age 62

       M.  Jane Havourd

       2nd Iwilda Cox on July 2,1898

 George Hiram

       B.     1843 Edwardsburg, MI

       D.     Aug.30, 1900 Edgewood Iowa      Age 57

       M.  Martha Jane Bryan in Elkader, Iowa on Aug. 29,1863

Daniel Jr.

       B.     Dec. 7, 1845

       D.     July 5, 1849       Age 3 + 7 months

Nancy Ann

       B.     Apr.13, 1848 Cass County, MI

       D.     Aug.13, 1849      Age 1 + 4 months  


  Daniel was married a second time August 10, 1853 to Ann Cloud she was born in Indiana. Filed Sept.6, 1853. He was 56 she was 41. They had no children.

*From; Michigan Pioneer Collections (Vol. 4,Page 230)

   Daniel Van Tuyl - one of the most remarkable men among the early settlers of Cass County, was "Uncle Dan" Van Tuyl. He was born in New Jersey March 13,1796. His father died in his youth and with his mother he moved to Pennsylvania, and then about 1816 he moved to Geauga County, Ohio, and in the fall of 1835 he came to Cass County and settled on the farm now owned by Henry Hanson, in Jefferson. He left six children to cherish the memory of a truly remarkable man.  He was nearly 84 years of age, and had never tasted liquor or used tobacco in any shape in his long life. Another commendable habit, from which he never varied, was always to pay his debts either before or at the time they were due. His death occurred January 20,1880.

 *From; History of Cass County, Michigan, Mathews 1882 Page 145

   Daniel Van Tuyl of Jefferson Township was 78 when he signed Cass County Pioneer Society Constitution in 1874. He came to Cass County in 1835.

 *From: History of Cass County, Michigan, Waterman, Watkins, and Co., 1882 Page 370

      Reprinted by Unigraphic, Inc. Evansville, Ind. for the Cass County Historical Society in 1971.

  Among the early residents can be counted Daniel Van Tuyl, who was born in New Jersey, and moved from there to Lake County, and from there here, his method of locomotion being by horse team. Accompanied by his family of four children, July 26 he arrived in Edwardsburg, and occupied a schoolhouse until he purchased eighty acres of Abner Tharp, in Section 27. He departed this life January 20,1880, aged eighty-four years. With him, his word was considered as good as his bond.  

  Daniel and Hannah, Aaron's brother and wife and all of Aaronís children sold a piece of Abrahamís land in Morris County NJ. Land Transaction Dated October 9, 1848. Signed by Daniel & Hannah Van Tuyl, Elizabeth Roberts, Hannah & Samuel Miller, Sarah & Milton Robbins, Richard Van Tuyl.

A very brief obituary which ran in the local weekly paper, "The Cassopolis Vigilant."  It said:  "Mr. Daniel Van Tuyl of Jefferson, died today from the effect of a severe cold.  He suffered a great deal from choking.  Funeral Thursday."

Information: Marvin H. Van Tuyl, Beverly Yochim


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