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Charles Marion Van Tuyl 1888




Coat of Arms

List By Year of Birth

Jan Otten van Tuyl 1635

Isaac Van Tuyl 1681

Abraham Van Tuyl 1714

Otto Van Tuyl 1762

Jonathan Van Tuyl Sr 1810

Jonathan Van Tuyl Jr 1841





  Charles Marion Van Tuyl and Florence Cook were married on March 12, 1910. Charles Marion died July 8, 1947. Florence died 10 December 1986. 

They had the following children;

Celia Marian     April 5, 1911                                              Married John Warren Workman

Ira Vernon        May 27, 1912 - March 25, 1996                Married Elsin Edith Clayton

Alfred Lewis     March 22, 1914 - May 19, 1978                 Married Verna Christine Conley

Jay Hugh           November 26, 1915                                   Married Marie Girdner

Paul Norman     June 18, 1919 - December 25 1944            Married Opal Fern Sowers

Olla Mae          September 4, 1922 - September 16, 1992   Married Tan Willard Satterfield

Donald Lee       July 12, 1924                                              Married Mary Evelyn Williams

Helen Louise    October 3, 1927                                          Married Carl Lindburg Easly, 1945 

                                                                                              and George Rice Smith, 1954

  Pictured left: Celia Marian, Alfred Lewis, Jay Hugh, Ira Vernon. Pictured right: Celia Marian

  Pictured left: Alfred Lewis, Donald Lee, Paul Norman, Ira Vernon, Jay Hugh, Helen Louise, Celia Marian, Olla Mae. Picture was taken about 1947.

   Pictured right: Ira Vernon, Donald Lee, Jay Hugh, Helen Louise, Celia Marian.

  Charles Marion at work standing on the separator.


1998 Family Reunion


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