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Alfred Lewis Van Tuyl 1914




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Jan Otten van Tuyl 1635

Isaac Van Tuyl 1681

Abraham Van Tuyl 1714

Otto Van Tuyl 1762

Jonathan Van Tuyl Sr 1810

Jonathan Van Tuyl Jr 1841

Charles Marion Van Tuyl 1888






    Alfred Lewis was born March 22, 1914 in Porter, Oklahoma. He died May 19, 1978 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Verna was born December 27, 1916. She died November 1, 1999.  Alfred and Verna were married June 8, 1940 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

  Pictured left: Alfred Lewis, Margaret, and Charles. 

  Pictured right: Verna Christine Conley .


They had five children;

Judith Ann              Died at birth, May 24, 1941

Charles Don           July 5, 1942                Married Lisa Sandell Brandt

Margaret Louise   October 1, 1943         Married James Hartshorn

Patricia Ann           August 27, 1946          Married Lesley Gleaves

Rebecca Jo            December 21, 1953     Married Michael Kohen Tabor

    Verna was an elementary school teacher at the Porter School, while living with her grandparents on the Conley farm, two miles south of the Van Tuyl farm. Verna's father Benjamin Franklin Conley retired from the railroad and became an ordained minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Her mother was one of the original enrollees of the Cherokee Nation. Verna's Grandfather, Benjamin Barnett Conley was a successful farmer. Alfred worked in oil fields in Illinois, and during the last 20 years of his life worked for Douglas Aircraft and American Airlines in Tulsa. He also acquired two farms near Porter. Alfred's hobby was treasure hunting, and he traveled all over Oklahoma and Arkansas with his metal detector. He never found any treasure, but had a lot of fun. Alfred and Verna were members of the Church of Christ 

    Pictured left: Charles Don, Margaret Louise, Patricia Ann. Taken in front of their house on South Street, Grayville, Illinois. Pictured Center: Patricia Ann and Margaret Louise. Pictured right: Rebecca Jo.

    Pictured left: Alfred and Verna in 1972. Pictured center: Alfred Lewis Van Tuyl shortly before his death. Pictured right: Verna Conley Van Tuyl.


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