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Jan Otten van Tuyl 1635

Isaac Van Tuyl 1681

John Van Tuyl 1718




    Abraham Van Tuyl Was born 21 May 1745. He died 22 November 1837 at the age of 92. He married Catherine Fackender who was born in 1747.  Catherine died September  1848. Documents show she was 72 years of age when she died. This would mean her year of birth to be 1776. 

    Abraham served in the Revolutionary War according to documents showing Catherine collected New Jersey State pension for her deceased husband's service. She was paid $30 per year. He served as a private, sergeant, and ensign. He was promoted to ensign by Col John Munson  Pension certificate Number 9,783 issued 17 June 1883. Total service 15 months, 14 days. Abraham applied for his pension 3 August 1832 at 87 years old.

    It appears Abraham Van Tuyl was the son of John Van Tuyl and grandson to Isaac Van Tuyl and great grandson of Jan Otten Van Tuyl but at this time we are unable to document this. It is also possible that he could be the son of Abraham Van Tuyl 1714 and Margreitje Van Pelt.

They had two children;

Daniel    1772 - 22 January 1852    Married Sarah Dorland or Durland 1782 - 1848

Aaron    1774 - 1812






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